Just as every individual and all life is a work in progress, World Campaign is a process. Many solutions to the great issues facing us are known. Many are also still to be found. Commitment is the key to acting on what we know and discovering what we do not. A process of sound principles is the prerequisite for achieving sound results.

1. World Campaign is a movement to create a common consciousness out of which we provide dignity, basic needs and nurturing for all life.

This is an inclusive movement which must welcome diverging opinions and dialogue. Commitment to successful results must be our guide. Our commitment is never to defend an opinion already held without respect to facts, but to be always open to new information, so as to best serve the values we are committed to.

2. Balance is a key principle in diverse religions and philosophies. World Campaign must balance idealism with pragmatism.

World Campaign is neither naive nor ideological. Rather, it is realistic and open. Ideals represent our highest common goals. Pragmatism represents the path of accomplishing these goals. Ideologues represent the path of rigidity. Success requires open minds and hearts. We have solved great problems throughout history, and we can again.

3. People are suffering and dying now. All life is being threatened now. World Campaign advocates the urgency of action.

We cannot be immobilized by not having all the answers or by fear of the inevitable mistakes or unintended consequences inherent in any human endeavor. A preponderance of evidence requires action and trial and error are an integral part of the human experience. Lack of action in the face of suffering destroys the human spirit.

4. World Campaign believes that the core of spiritual, philosophical or physical reality is to be found in the connection between all things.

In physical reality, all things are interacting and impacting each other. All the great problems confronting us are connected and must be solved together. In our personal lives as well, it is our giving, our going outside of ourselves and contributing to the harmony of the whole that makes us whole. The world we have is the world we make.

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